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About Laurie Story Vela (& Jeremiah too!)


"Thanks for your songs... Congrats on your work/play with children."
- Pete Seeger

"Laurie Story Vela is a songwriter and singer bubbling with creativity and energy.
Her music is easy to learn, fun to sing and loaded with spiritual wisdom.
The songs are wonderful with powerful affirmations that will be sung over & over by our children
and adults as well. You cannot listen to them without smiling or tearing up."

Reverends Michael and Faith Moran, Founding Senior Ministers,
Spiritual Life Center, Sacramento

"Laurie Vela is a temple of golden light that creates joy, excitement and enthusiasm wherever she goes.  She has the uncanny ability to take the energy of any given moment and put it into songs that inspire, uplift and capture exactly what is needed to create sacred space.  Laurie has the ability to see the good in all those that she works with and to call it forward into expression even when the individual can not see it for themselves. Together Laurie and her son Jeremiah uncompromisingly emanate an aura of the full expression of Divine Light and the love that they share is contagious.  This is all done with kindness, passion, boundless energy and a commitment to community and friendship."

- Rev. Richard Burdick, Music Minister Emeritus, Spiritual Life Center,
Musician, Singer & Composer Extraordinaire

"Laurie and Jeremiah bring a wonderful experience to music that is fun, creative, and moving.  
With every program they have done or Sunday musical piece, the audience has laughed, cried,
and felt the presence of God through all of it. Laurie has written many fabulous songs that speak
directly to what is happening in our lives, and incorporates many New Thought ideas
that open the mind and heart. She playfully invites youth of all ages to grow through joining
in spiritual community in song and creative self expression. Her son, Jeremiah
 has a great presence for such a young person that will steal your heart the moment
he begins singing. What an amazing team of heart builders.  
See them, hear them, invite them. You will be blessed."  

Rev. Denese Schellink Unity Minister - Spiritual Life Center,
Now Unity Church of Valley, Vacaville

"For the past 10 or more years I have seen Laurie Vela work with children,
developing choruses, writing songs with them and teaching songs in a variety
of situations: music camps, festivals, and many different general music situations.
Her rapport with children is amazing and heart warming.
I heartily recommend her for any musical and spiritual work with the young.
As a performer for both adults and children she is unexcelled.
Her work is now enhanced by the participation of her son Jeremiah."

 - Faith Petric, Singer & Founder & Board of the San Francisco Folk Music Club

"Laurie's songs come directly from her soulful heart to yours.  With soothing, enthusiastic
and affirmative lyrics, children of all ages experience heightened emotional awareness
and spiritual groundedness. In a fast-paced workaday world where we often forget our connectedness,
Laurie's music helps one to be mindful of self and others."

- Jennifer McCandless, Mom & SLC Community, Sacramento

"Laurie Vela has always moved me deeply with her spiritual focus, truthfulness, and honesty. Many have been the times I have been moved to tears and deep emotion as a result of hearing her heart opening songs. She awakens the child in me as I listen to her sing and enjoy her performances with various children's choirs. Not only is Laurie skillful as a children's choir director, she is also experienced and talented as a educator with a focus on linguistics, thus she is an amazing package for any group of children and adults alike to experience."
- Bari Roberts, Occupational Therapist and second year student at the
Pacific Coast Church/ Center for Creative Living

        "This comes as a wholehearted endorsement of Laurie Vela as a caring human being, an excellent performer for all ages, and especially as a teacher and mentor for children.  I have known Laurie for something like 15  years and have watched her expand her repertoire, hone her skills, and share her values of love and care for all.  She attends the San Francisco  Folk Music Club's "Camp Harmony," and each year she takes a group of children, ranging in age from 3 to 14 years, and within the short time available puts together an act that show-cases their abilities, enhances their self-esteem, and entertains the whole camp.  She now includes her own son, Jeremiah ... Somehow she manages to infuse him, as well as the rest of us -- children and adults --  with a sense of purpose, fun, and accomplishment. And she does all this with energy, cheer, patience, helpfulness, and love.  We cherish her in the folk community and know that she will touch anyone who knows her with her special talents and care for all." 
       - Marian Gade, SFFMC & Administrative Leader with Girl Scouts of America

"Laurie is wonderful with children!  Her songs are terrific, and she sings them with a joyous spirit that involves every child, and adults also. I  particularly love her songs which
make us feel like we are even a little bit more than we realized we are.
I  have enjoyed Laurie's singing since the early 1990's.
I  hope she comes to Unity Church in Palo Alto!"

- Geri Mc Gilvray, Singer & Artist.

"Laurie is a bright light that shines on the world. Her songs are easy for young kids to learn and are fun to sing. They have a positive message that parents will appreciate. If you book her into your church or young children's program, you won't regret it".
- Bob Keller - Campfire Song Leader, Boy Scouts of America/Folk Singer Songwriter

"We  have seen Laurie create a children's chorus performance out of thin air many times and the results are amazing. She has a natural affinity for kids and they readily embrace her captivating personality."
- Bev and Jerry Praver - SFFMC, Presenters of school music programs in the schools for twenty-four years

     "I have known Laurie Vela for at least ten years & I have seen her
lead numerous programs for children, organize children's choruses and have them
perform on short notice for groups of people, bring dress-up costumes for kids to enjoy themselves ...
She is delightful, non-judgmental & upbeat in her dealings with both adults & children.
I have always been impressed with Laurie, who is talented and a hard worker."

- Hali Hammer, Special Education teacher, Musician, Singer-Songwriter

"Laurie Story's songs are inspiring and uplifting reminders that life is a fabulous adventure.
They will make you smile inwardly as well as outwardly!"

- August Bullock, Attorney, Singer-Songwriter, Santa Cruz

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