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Play & Pray: Create & Evolve Every Day! ~Co-Create
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Co-CreateSupporting families with mindful multimedia for fun filled home spiritual practices!
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Co-Create New Thought Families Co-Create
Leaping Literacy Library Mindful Mystical Membership!

Supporting families with mindful multimedia
for fun filled, heart centered home spiritual practices!

Intergenerational, Interfaith Inspirations ~ for children & inner children of all ages.

Family Ties
Our New Thought Families branch of the
Leaping Literacy Online Library gives Mindful Mystical Members
24/7 access
to a vast & growing library of resources & materials!
Family Ties
Packed with playful reminders of the divine beings we truly be!
Play with creativity in the Spirit of your family's brilliant divinity!
"Where kids can see in their parents hearts & parents can see in their kid's hearts."
~ Jeremiah John Vela-Murphy
Co-CreateTurtle FamilyCo-Create
Fab Photo: Turtle Family Thanks: Michel Kotski of Third Eye Photo Creations
lign with the shine of your family's divine design! Co-Create
Let your Love Light Shine!Hooray! Let's Play! Let your Love Light Shine!
We are here to support you in having more mindful, heart centered connections
with your children & those you love most; including yourself & your precious inner child.
We offer intergenerational, interfaith multimedia materials that help inspire family focus
in a playful, prayerful, hopeful heart centered home spiritual practice.

"We must be fierce about our spiritual practices." ~ Rev Barry Ebert,
Assoc. Minister & Youth Director at Mile High Church,
Science Of Mind, April 2013

Current Freebies from our Library including songs & videos are found on
the Inspirations page as well as sprinkled throughout our Play & Pray Every Day!!
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Family Ties
Our New Thought Families branch of the
Leaping Literacy Online Library gives Mindful Mystical Members
24/7 access
to a vast & growing library of resources & materials!
Family Ties

Thematic Monthly Calendars with daily
Play & Pray Activities & Activations
in addition to our regular, monthly free online offering!
Daily Play & Pray Calendars
Awareness Of Beauty
Compassion In Action
Love Blessed
Flow Of Forgiveness
Tell The Truth
Be The Change
In Our Hands Service
Forward With Fortitude
United As One
Centered In Quietude
Zealous Yesness: Feel The Zeal
I Am Free
Count Blessings
Kind Hearts Give Joy
Bear Hugs
Smile Days
Circle of Life & Love
Thanks Living
Faith Filled Footsteps
Imagine & Intuit
Hopeful Prayer
Flowing In Grace
Sacred Awareness
Oh Holy Light
+ Downloadable, customizable family fun, Spirit Centered Calendars!
"I love every day's CALENDAR CREATIONS!!! ... "Entry" doesn't do them justice. 
Thank you--perfect words to start my day... and to share in my yoga classes and beyond!"

~ Yogi Keith Lickey, Sacred Path Yoga

"Thanks for your songs Laurie Story ... Congrats on your work/play with children!"
- Pete Seeger
In Our HandsSmall After SmallSimply SingingTrust What You HearI Am A Seeker12 Thoughts
Download our songs!
Includes 110 songs from 8 CDs & 2 more CDs of upcoming songs too!

Co-CreateSpirit Sing CDsCo-Create
80 Songs Online in Current Distribution:
Click each CD
for lyrics and song samples!
In Our HandsSmall After SmallSimply SingingTrust What You HearI Am A Seeker12 Thoughts

Mindful Mystical Members also access:
30 Songs from Laurie Story Archives:
Women In Waiting
& All My Relations
24+ Songs Currently In Production For Distribution:
Mystical Members: Join this birthing journey!
Children's Chants & We Are Called

"Laurie's songs come directly from her soulful heart to yours.  With soothing, enthusiastic
and affirmative lyrics, children of all ages experience heightened emotional awareness
and spiritual groundedness. In a fast-paced workaday world where we often forget our connectedness, Laurie helps one to be mindful of self and others."

~ Jennifer McCandless, Mom, Sacramento, CA

* Videos:
Choose from 160+ videos in our archives + we'll keep adding new ones!
These are available for private online screening and/or in downloadable video pdfs!

Including ...
Creative YES!
Unique Spirit Centered Celebrations!

12 Home Expressions
10 School Projects * 6 Video eBooks
Home Spirituality Practices
16 Home Spritual Practice
Ideas for Families!
Gratitude * Compassion * Service
Imagination & Intuition etc.
Nature Nook!
50 Sacred Nature Mindful Moments
What Sacred Something Can You Celebrate Today?!
25 Music Videos!
Live & Picture Rich ~ Sing Love!
Minister Moment
11 Prayer Days & Ways with Holy Ones
10 Minister Moments with Rev Karene!
19 Videos with mindful practices for families Living Green!
10 Yoga Moments with Yogi Keith!
More coming incl. Releasing Resistance!
Conscious Comedy
8 New Thought TV Videos ~ LAUGH!
"That was great. To be a black teacher and see a white child admiring GWC as one of his heroes really touches me. AWESOME." ~ 4shizzal on YouTube
"That was cute. Yes he was my first hero too when I was your age. God Bless." ~ moonman89 on YouTube

* eBooks:
* Free Members can download revolving Laurie StorEBooks from the Leaping Literacy Free Shelves!
Maverick Members access hundreds of Laurie StorEBooks in addition to all the NTF content!
Chimpanzees In Our Trees Laurie StorEBookThe Color Cloud Laurie StorEBook
Hand Band LaurieStorEBookSnake In My Birthday Cake LaurieStorEBook
Our growing selections on the Book Shelves include Spiritual LaurieStorEBooks & Your StorEBooks from student authors:
If I Were Love If I Were In ChargeFlat World
Who Am I?How We HelpI'm Thankful For
Earth Mama Laurie StorEBookLaurie Story's developing series of Spirit Centered eBooks like Listening In The Quiet & Sebastian Wakes Up:

Listening In The Quiet Laurie StorEBook............... Sebastian Wakes Up Laurie StorEBook
"Enchanting Sebastian : a unique visual and spiritual treat for the whole family!
I absolutely LOVED the Sebastian Wakes Up story; the artwork is incredible, the story very simple yet deeply moving.
A real treasure for the whole family, Sebastian's story is eloquently presented with a rich tapestry of colour to keep your little ones entertained. Brilliant read! The audio version was recorded by her son, reinforcing the family-thread so common in this author's works. I wholeheartedly recommend this book." ~ Playful Genie, Callie Carling

* Art:
Downloadable, customizable family fun, Spirit Centered Art Projects!
Hands On Vision BoardsSee mine!
Downloadable, printable art from Laurie Story!

Art & Photo Gallery:
Access Hundreds of Inspirational, Downloadable Pictures!

Leaping Literacy Family Creativity Branch:
Family Creativity!
+ Places to share & publish your art & eBooks! KidSpeak

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Love Is Born!Goodness In ForgivenessFriends In ForgivenessForgive To LiveRelease & LiveForgiveness In HandForgivness In Motion
All are invited to participate in the Leaping Literacy Family Creativity Branch where you can connect with others in your family across the miles, meet new global friends & publish and sell your eBook & art creations if you so choose ~ all part of our global outreach for creative family literacy ~ Share your children's co-creations in our safe cyber haven! Woo hoo for you and your family too!
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New Thought Families is brought to you by Laurie Story Vela; often enhanced by her son, Jeremiah, now age 15. This online ministry of merry music & mindful home spirituality practices began in 2006 with the website going live on 2/7/2007. Laurie Story's first professional experience with children & New Thought was as Youth Education teacher and then director at Unity Temple, Santa Cruz, 1992-1994 where she designed & implemented playful curriculum & monthly church performances. She did more of the same for the Spiritual Life Center, Sacramento in 2005-6 where she directed a Youth Choir who sang monthly in church as well as on the Small After Small & I Am A Seeker CDs and in the first Name That Peacemaker production. Laurie Story has been creating, producing & publishing family & children's books, music & curriculum since receiving her M.A. in Education & Curriculum Design from UC Davis, 1991. Her Leaping Literacy program for developing readers & English language learners is full of her innovative 'physical phonics', amazing alliteration, and rollicking rhyme in hundreds of Laurie StorEBooks & songs found in the Leaping Literacy Online Library. This new branch of her Literacy Library for New Thought Families' Mindful Membership focuses on spiritual literacy drawing from the vast archives Laurie has produced over the last 9+ years. Based on knowing that what we nurture will grow, Laurie hopes her work can help empower families to be more heart centered, creative and connected ~ to each other and to Source. Because conscious commitment cultivates co-creative, caring, compassionate connections!

New Thought Families:
Love Remembered & Expressed Video:

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Co-CreateCo-CreateEvolution = Co-CreationCo-CreateCo-Create
We are ever evolving expressions of our all things possible Love in action! Create More Love in your life!
Because at the heart of evolution is creation and at the core of creation is play!
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