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Jellyfish Flow of Grace

Grace: Divine love and protection bestowed freely throughout life...
divine energy flowing through all.
Grace Is...
Grace Lives Grace SparklesGrace grows

Live in Ease & Grace!
Grace is always present in the flow of life. Centered in divine Love, it is there for us anytime we choose to align with it; we are worthy by design inherent in the amazing grace of life.

There is another way of knowing, another way of living, and another way of loving on this earth.

Marianne Williamson, Everyday Grace
Amazing Grace Seahorse
Grace Always Flows For Good
Grace always flows through acts of kindness & cooperation.
If you pray to help yourself or others, grace will not only light the way but pave the path ...
Our only job then is to allow the flow and act on the guidance we are given for the good of all.

Grace will always light your way,
lead you high & love you home

Heart Read

From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. .~ 1 John 16
HeartsDove FliesHearts

Grace is a concept known in all religions. Grace is a theological word used throughout Christian denominations with various & significant differences. Roman Catholic doctrine teaches that its sacraments and priests facilitate the acceptance of grace from God. Calvinists emphasize the total helplessness of humanity apart from grace. Arminian doctrine teaches that the grace of God somehow cooperates with human's abilities and will.

We most closely align with the wisdom of the flow of grace throughout all of life as so beautifully explained in the many writings of energy medicine pioneer Carolyn Myss:

Grace ... is energy infused with a force greater than our own, a divine intention. When it arrives ... "out of the blue" - it fills you with a luminious awareness that is different from everyday consciousness ... Grace illuminates your path by moving through your intuition, influencing the choices that you make. ... It is a power that works hand in hand with intuition to guide our actions in the right direction that will do the most good. ~ Carolyn Myss
GraceSay Grace At Meals! Star

Here's a simple grace song that can be sung with the young:
(To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star):
Thank you for this food we have,
It makes our minds & bodies glad.
We are so blessed & grateful too.
God bless us. God bless our food.
Thank you for this song we sing,
Thank you God for everything.

~ LaurieStory
Experience Grace In Nature!
Take a Grace Walk in nature ...
Ask to see some of the infinite graces present
along the way ... see with grateful, gracious eyes!


Grace StarSpirit Sing!
Celebrating the miracle & grace of life:
Fly With The Angels

Fly with the angels of trust and of grace
May you feel you’re protected and safe
Open up to connection, embrace all your faith
Fly with the angels of courage and strength

Full lyrics & mp3 sample here!
I'm Alive
I celebrate who I am inside
Open to see me with God’s eyes
And all the Grace that vision implies
Full of brand new gratitude, I realize …
I’m Alive, I’m Alive, I’m Alive!

Full lyrics & mp3 sample here!
Smiling Life

Grace Is...
Grace Lives
Grace SparklesGrace grows

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