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Faith: Complete Belief & Trust
Feathers Of Faith

Many nurture & express their faith through prayer. Visit our Prayer page!

Many Faiths

There are many names for God and various ways that people believe & express their faith. "Faith" can refer to a religion or to the general belief in God by any name.
Here are some symbols for different faiths:
Christain1Christain FaithChristain2
BahaiBahai FaithBuddhistBuddhist Faith
FeminineFeminineHebrewHebrewHinduHinduIslamIslam JainismJainism NativeNative
ShintoShinto SikhSikh TaoismTaoism

SufiSufi UnityUnity

Faith's Flame
Blind Faith

There are times in life when there is no "proof" that something exists, or that something is real. We often must believe in someone or something that has no proof to back up that belief. This can be called blind faith but it is the essence of faith itself ...
Faith is not belief without proof, but trust
without reservation.
~ St. Thomas Aquinas

Heart Read
Whatever you ask for in faith, believe you have received it, it will be yours. ~ Mark 11:24
This passage speaks to the "Law Of Attraction" for when you truly believe, and trust the grace of God, your prayers are heard, and what you've asked for becomes your reality and then, indeed, it is yours. Hear our song below!
Dove Flies
You hold faith for whatever you believe in ...
you can & should believe in lots of things ...
like yourself! Since there is no spot where God is not, faith is all Love.

Scientists were rated as great heretics by the church, but they were truly religious men because of their faith in the orderliness of the universe.

~ Albert Einstein


Explore Faiths!  Are you interested in the way others believe? You can explore some of the faiths listed above & see how they are the same & different from your faith.

Examine Your Faith!  Take some time to think about and even write down the things you believe in. Looking carefully at what you believe may surprise you!

Faith in Action!  Take some action to show the world what you believe! If you believe in kindness, do some random acts of kindness ... take your neighbors a plate of cookies or offer to take their dog for a walk ...

Explore Other Faiths!

FaithWallkTake a Faith Walk!  
Faith Filled Footsteps Affirmation:
With footseps of faith, I follow Love's guidance
& walk a path paved with possibilities ...

FaithStepsStepping UPFaithSteps

faith walk
George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver

was a great man of faith. Visit him here!
New Thought Music Fun!

Ask In Faith
Ask In Faith
Ask In Faith
When you believe, you love it. So love it now!
When you believe, you know it. So know it now!
Know it & see it, with grateful joy believe it.
Love it & feel it, with grateful joy believe it.
Believe it now!

Full lyrics & mp3 sample here!
We Have Faith
Everyone needs somethin’ to believe
    A place where heart and mind can agree
When no matter where you look,
hope can’t be seen. Sometimes we need to see …
just blindly believe so we have faith, we have faith ...

Full lyrics & mp3 sample here!

The Adventures of Joy Boy & The World Peace Family
Faith Filled Footsteps
C2009 Laurie Story & Jeremiah Vela

God called the World Peace Family
for a special mission ...
WaterMotherJoy BoyWindPetEarth GirlFireFather
God said, "The heart of faith is getting duller and dustier and dirtier. People are losing faith. You must go clean the heart of faith."

So the World Peace Family went to the Tunnel Of Faith. Normally the tunnel would be bright with the light from the
heart of faith but it was pitch black.
The tunnel of faith had now become the Tunnel Of Despair.
Fire Father said, "Everyone must think thoughts of Love!"
Hearts in the tunnel
"And feel joy!", said Joy Boy. So on they went
with faithsteps & thoughts of Love & Joy.
Water Mother's thoughts of Love were so bright, they were casting out like diamonds on water.
Earth Girl was singing, "We have faith!" as her faithsteps had her walking on water.
Heart BeatsSparkleSoon, their faith filled footsteps brought them to the end of the Tunnel Of Faith where they faced ... the Pit Of Doubt! WindPet offered to shape shift them over but Joy Boy cried, "No! Take a leap of faith!"
Squirrl Shift Joy Boy
Leap Of Faith!
But instead of landing at the Heart Of Faith, they faced ... The Blob Mob Of Disbelief!
Disbelief2The Peace Family cried,

"The Light of God surrounds us!" God


SparkleAt once, disbelief vanished and the World Peace Family faced the Heart Of Faith who was already starting to shine more and more.
Hearts in the tunnelAs they cleaned the dust of disbelief & the dirt of doubt & despair, more & more faith filled the planet ...Heart BeatsEarthHeart BeatsShine
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