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BookLove Sebastian Wakes Up!
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Sebastian Wakes Up! Laurie StorEBook

Sebastian Wakes Up! Laurie StorEBook

New Thought Families Leaping Literacy!

This LaurieStorEBook, Sebastian Wakes Up marks a debut of spiritual literacy books ~ Woo Hoo!
Focused on children's awakening consciousness, this rhyming reader features original,
whimsical artwork bursting with color & creativity on every page!

Sebastian Wakes Up! stars an owlet named Sebastian who spends the night alone waiting for his mama to return as he embodies spiritual concepts including oneness and unconditional Love. The spirit filled narrative is mingled with a few owl facts. Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament?! There are a few other fun owl facts sprinkled in this offering that delivers some big consciousness concepts made simple & colorful for children of all ages.

The LaurieStorEBook, Sebastian Wakes Up is one of a growing line of spiritual literacy books
from Laurie Story Vela, M.A. Offered as part of her online literacy program in the Leaping Literacy Library, Laurie has hundreds of Laurie StorEBooks that celebrate all the vowel sounds as well as many other imaginative themes and concepts. The New Thought Families Branch of Leaping Literacy is focused on families & children's awakening consciousness with hundreds of songs and videos as well as these new Laurie StorEBooks. Become a Marvelous Member!

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& playing on each page of the portable, versatile pdf.

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Sebastian Wakes Up Laurie StorEBook
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