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Play & Pray: Create & Evolve Every Day! ~Co-Create

Co-CreateNew Thought Families: Where you're always old enough to pray & young enough to play! Co-Create

New Thought Families is an intergenerational, interfaith, multi-media website for families & folks
of all ages. Our aim is to play & pray in a way that is accessible to children as well as the inner
child in adults. We value the family & offer intergenerational opportunities for nurturing the Spirit.

We encourage & support the experience of playful & prayerful daily Spirit time.
Our main interfaith principal is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience;
taking time daily to nurture the Spirit is essential in having optimum whole being wellness.

New Thought Families
Love Remembered & Expressed Video:

This is a place in cyber space to come any moment of any night and day to remember ...
to remember who we are, why we are here, and that we are all children of God - of Source. 
One Source, One Presence, One Love, One God ~ whatever name you use ~ and no matter
which of the many pathways or religions you use to honor Source, you are welcome here!

The purpose of this cyber playground & prayground is to help celebrate and grow our awareness
of the essence of Source with special attention to families and children of all ages and faiths.
Our intention is to nuture spiritual consciousness in our children and let them nurture the same in us.

We're here to play & pray!
We have a plethora of multi-media offerings designed to call out the inner child in everybody
as well as provide resources for parents, teachers, community to be in spiritual awareness with their children.
This page has links to our free resources as well as a sampling of what's found in our Membership Library.

Perhaps the notion of Spirit is new to your family or maybe you've gone to church for years
or celebrated Spirit in your own home rituals & celebrations. Either way, you may long for more
spiritual connection with your children, your family, friends, loved ones, or even with yourself!

Wherever you are on your spiritual path, you are welcome here to laugh & play, to center
& pray with online content and/or home activities. You can play & pray with us every day!

Namaste and Welcome!

Expressing our divinity with playful creativity!

Live Event
Circles Of Love!

In service to all ages
especially children & families ...
One Love
In service to One Love
honoring all faith paths ...

One Love

In service to each other &
to our sacred Mother Earth


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Gather in Love and JOY!
Music NotesSpirit SingMusic Notes
We are called to gather in a Circle Of Love!

"When we play together, it is a prayer
of joy & thanksgiving ~ true Thanks Living!"

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Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.

~ Japanese Proverb

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In Our HandsSmall After SmallSimply Singing
Trust What You Hear
I Am A Seeker12 Thoughts

MusicLaurie Story & Jeremiah
In service to Our Music ...

Music NotesSpirit SingMusic Notes

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New Thought Families Leaping Literacy Branch
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Leaping Literacy Online Library
Marvelous Memberships!
Leaping Literacy Library
Our Leaping Literacy Library Marvelous Membership has hundreds of songs, hundreds of videos & hundreds of Laurie StorEBooks for exploring, encouraging, celebrating & supporting traditional, creative & spiritual literacy.
Visit Laurie's Stories, ChildSing, New Thought Families & SoulPlay HERE!

Co-CreateSome Samples from our New Thought Families Tell~A~Vision Videos:Co-Create

Sacred Moment Celebration:


Living Green Home Practice Samples:

Home Spiritual Practice Samples:

School Spirit Celebrations!
3 School Project Samples:

Leaping Literacy Online Library
Marvelous Memberships!

Leaping Literacy LibrarySpiritual Family Literacy Resources
including SoulPlay!

Leaping Literacy Library

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Co-CreateDo you know
or serve families who could be supported with mindful multimedia
in their home spiritual practices?
You can benefit these families & you/your ministry at the same time!


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Co-CreateNew Thought?Co-Create
Co-CreateThe New Thought Movement began close to 150 years ago as an alternative to the rigid religious dogma of the day. The philosopher, William James called it the "religion of healthy-mindedness". Some folks found physical healing - miracles - through New Thought, like the Fillmore's who started Unity. The Association For Global New Thought currently says this of New Thought: "Planetary healing through self-realization and spiritually-motivated activism is the new promise of these teachings."

Visit The Association at:

Visit Church Of Religious Science at:
Read the Science Of Mind magazine from Science Of Mind
Visit Divine Science at:
Visit Unity at:
Listen to Unity Radio at:
Read the Daily Word from Unity

We encourage you to follow these links and learn more about the wonderful, uplifting offerings of
Unity, Church of Religious Science and other New Thought movements and resources.

Unity principles:

Children's Version: Unity 5.
Adult Version:


  • Beholds all children as whole and perfect expressions of God. Empowers children to fulfill their divine potential. Teaches children to meditate and pray. Invites children to experience a loving God.
  • Unity provides a strong spiritual foundation for children's lives.

    For more on what Unity believes, go here!

Science Of Mind principles:
“The Science of Mind is the study of Life and the nature of the laws of thought; the conception that we live in a spiritual Universe; that God is in, through, around and for us.”
- Dr. Ernest Holmes

Teaching Symbol
Thank you Austin Center For Spiritual Living
& Thank you to Michelle Quiter for her creative design.

Universal Spirit
which we also call First Cause, is the originating thought.

Universal Subjective Mind
also called Law or Soul, which is the Creative Medium by means of which Spirit passes into form.

the physical manifestation of Spirit -
form, effects, or conditions.

Science Of Mind Affirmative Prayer: Science of Mind uses a five-step affirmative prayer called spiritual mind treatment. The five steps are:

1. Recognition—know that God is all there is.
2. Unification—know that you are one with God.
3. Declaration—state your word for the circumstance
you want to manifest.
4. Thanksgiving—give thanks for your word being acted upon by the Law of mind.
5. Release—“And so it is!”

For more on what Science Of Mind believes, go here!

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